Building My Own App Without Code: Part One–The Setup



This week I went to Dublin, Ireland for the D365UG Summit EMEA. This is a conference held by D365UG aimed at users and partners working with the Dynamics products. As well as many passionate experts speaking all things Dynamics, there was a large group of users coming to learn what they can to maximise the use of their products. Usually Dynamics conferences are all about partners and Microsoft so this one is quite different.

Talks varied in their technical content from someone analysing Earth tremors through PowerBI, through to advanced development techniques. As well as presenting, I had time to sit in on some of these other sessions and came to realise that an old dream of mine could become a reality.

For a number of years I have wanted to build a cocktail management system in Dynamics. While the design is relatively straightforward, the problems were more logistical. For example, how do I afford the Dynamics instance it runs on? If I want to share my creation with the world, how do I do it?

Thanks to the presentations at Summit EMEA, I now think it may well be possible to create your own model-driven app in Dynamics and publish it with little to no code.

The App Itself

The app is pretty straightforward


Building this structure in Dynamics should be straightforward and then it will be a case of using the tools of Dynamics to allow for things like working out which cocktails can be made with ingredients on hand etc.

The Process

The process will go something like this:

  • Provision a CDS 2.0 environment to build the app in
  • Build the app in Dynamics/CDS 2.0
  • Package the app for submission to AppSource
  • Get approved
  • Drink Cocktails

I believe I now have the tools to do this at minimal cost and with minimal development skills. In the next part I will provision my environment.


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