A Configurable Customer Feedback Setup With QR Codes


As well as the blogging presentation at Ignite, I also did a major presentation on stage with Dynamics 365 wunderkind, Doug Daley.


In essence, we showed how the entire Dynamics 365 suite could be used to run a business with configuration (and a small amount of scripting).

Our Scenario

One aspect of the presentation talked about feedback from customers. In our case, the business was a micro-brewery, supplying a local pub and they wanted to capture feedback from the beer drinkers.

To do this, our hypothetical business provided free coasters whenever they delivered a keg. These coasters had a QR code on them leading to a feedback form.


Once the information of the form was entered, it made its way to Dynamics 365 (CRM).

This setup is completely codeless and applicable to most businesses seeking feedback from their customers. So let us get into how it was done.

Firing Up CRM

As we need a web address before we can create a QR code, we will work backwards. First of all, we need Dynamics 365 with CRM Portals. Fortunately, if you have a Dynamics 365 Plan 1 Business Application (the subscription which gives you access to the ‘traditional’ CRM modules) you get one CRM Portals web site for free.

If you do not have a subscription but want to see how this works, you can get a 30 day subscription here.

If you have Dynamics 365 but are unsure how to set up the portal, go to the Office 365 Portal site (https://portal.office.com) and head to the CRM Administration page (Admin-Admin Centers-Dynamics 365).


From here, select Applications and click the button to Manage the portal.


Select the Customer Self-Service Portal.


Once submitted and the portal has processed the request, you will have a brand new portal, directly linked to Dynamics 365.

Clearly the process has changed significantly since I wrote my primer on ADX Portals.

Setting Up the Portal Page

Once you have a portal, you will need to set up your feedback page. If you are doing it from scratch, you can follow the instructions of Part 3 (for simple forms) or Part 4 (for more complex, multi-entity forms). In my case I recycled the pre-built ‘Contact Us’ form (found at https://<portalname>.microsoftcrmportals.com/contact-us/).

You should end up with something like this.


Creating the QR Code

The last part is the easiest. There are plenty of online QR Code generators. This is the one I used. Feed it the web address of your portal feedback page and then affix the QR code to whatever you like. You could even offer a reward for giving feedback and then have CRM automate the process on the back end.


There it is. Piecing together Dynamics 365, CRM Portals and QR Codes, a sophisticated customer feedback mechanism can be created with no code. Once in Dynamics 365, there is the full power of the platform at your disposal, such as PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow.


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