Questions For The CRM Product Team


In a week’s time I will be doing the flight across the Pacific Ocean to the USA to be at the Microsoft MVP Summit. For at least three days, me and 40 or so of my MVP buddies will be locked in a room with various members of the CRM Product Team. We will learn lots of things which I will not be able to blog about and which you will have to wait until the next major release or conference to find out about.

The good news is one of the sessions in the agenda is where we get to ask the CRM Product Team questions about when specific features will be fixed or delivered and they get to make vague commitments in kind.

So, if you have questions for the Dynamics CRM Product Team, send them through as comments and I will ask them at Summit.


2 thoughts on “Questions For The CRM Product Team

  1. Hi Leon

    3 questions…
    1) Please make it work consistently in Edge and IE. At the moment, you have to do some configuration in one (drag and drop forms) and some in the other (adding columns to views). Or use FireFox!
    2) Excessive white space. The extra gaps appearing between sections is making an already sparse screen look positively empty. It never used to be this way.
    3) Multi-select pick lists. This data structure exists in just about every other CRM I’ve ever seen (or had to convert data from), but despite being on the request list since version 3.0, Dynamics still doesn’t have it. Yes there are workarounds, but they all have weaknesses.

    Good luck at the summit.


  2. leontribe

    Hi Stuart,

    Being under NDA, I cannot speak at specific content at Summit but halfway through day one, it is fair to say you will be very happy with what is coming in the next 12 months 🙂


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